Online Craps-Is there a pattern involved

You must have read about patterns in games live casino like keno, bingo, and craps. However the extent of the theory of the pattern is not basically true for these games. Especially in craps, players and so-called 'analysts' come up with such theories without any major proof. The key thing for you to focus on is, that patterns will always be there as long as you 'want' to see them.

Online craps are such a similar case of patterns theory. First of all, it depends upon the shooter if he decides to bet or not. So if a pattern has been going in a sequence and shooter wants to place bet, what will happen then? Another thing is that pattern theory would be more suitable Games Online if these dice were being thrown out in a calculative manner through a machine. Human beings throw the dice and it gets hard for the 'pattern' thing to be predictive.

Just because a few players won on dice throws doesn't mean that there is a pattern involved in it. It is better to depend on your inner gut feeling and your bankrolls too. You will always be on edge if you have a vague idea about the combination possibilities.

Also having knowledge about rules and regulations of craps microgaming can help a lot too. This thing applies to all online casino games and it should be practiced. You can always go for bets like 'Don't Come?, 'Come' or 'Pass'. These bets payout small but they can make you a winner more often because of lower house edge.