Inside look at craps combinations

We all know that craps is a game of probabilities and chances. It doesn't matter much even if you are playing craps in a lands based casino. What matters is that what number you have chosen and what kind of bet you are placing.

Knowing about the possible combinations and chances of your number occurring is more useful. It puts you in a better state of placing bets. If you are sticking your eyes out for craps strategy then you won't get much. Even if some people are selling out a strategy, it will be for profit making and scamming of course.

Hence it all leads us to mathematics. Mathematics has been involved deeply in online casino games and it doesn't just halt at craps. You can imagine a huge part of mathematics in games like blackjack where card counting is still a craze.

For an online game like craps, you should consider the involvement of 2 dice in it. There are different categories and ways of betting, as you can't always place bets all the time. Anyways let's take a look at possible outcomes for the number 2!

2 =(1,1) - - - - (2,2) (1,3) (1,4) (1,5) (1,6). This means that the number 2 has only one combination. Whereas the number 4 has two possible combinations, 2,2 and 3,1.

This small calculation was shown to enable you the possible outcomes of number you might be considering. You are free to calculate combinations for other numbers by practicing with dice.

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